Q: So what do you call yourself, exactly?

A: “Writer/artist” is a pretty good summary. The writing happens full time and the artsy stuff happens on the side, so I would tend to list the “writer” part first. However, I don’t exactly keep these two sides of my work separate in my head — really, I’ve always wanted to combine them, thus my work with the comics. You could also call me a “designer”, because I like to focus my craftwork on making patterns that other people can follow.


Q: Will you make me a dragon/winged monkey/whatever?

I am generally not open for commissions unless I have specifically announced somewhere recently that I am. Because my art stuff happens on the side, if I was focusing all of my time on commissions and readymades, I would never get any design work done. I do try to keep readymade items in the shop at all times, but the dragons in particular go quickly.

At this time, I more or less never take commissions for artwork, sorry.


Q: If you do take a commission from me, how often can I inquire about it, to check up on progress?

Hopefully, you will not feel a need. I try to be as open as possible with my customers about when I am going to start the piece, how long it will take, and how far along I am. If you have not heard from me, there is nothing to hear about.


Q: If I give you a pattern for something, will you make it for me?

I will not use anyone else’s patterns for profit, no. That would mean I was making money from someone else’s ideas. Likewise, I will not do items like Pokemon plushies or My Little Pony plushies or any other branded character on commission. If I ever design any of these things, the patterns will be released for free.


Q: Can I make something from your pattern and sell it?

As it says on the patterns themselves and in their listings, no, I would rather you did not do this. Feel free to make things from my designs and give them as gifts or donate them to charity, however.


Q: May I draw or make other physical representations of your characters, so long as they aren’t for sale?

Yes! Show it to me when you’re done!


Q: Do you do trades?

I do not do trades at this time, sorry. Because I do not work outside the home, my Etsy shop is the only pocket money I get; I also have a massive to-do list to destroy at any given time, and trades would only swamp me further. Maybe later, when I’m more well-established and have finally caught up on my backlog of projects.


Q: If I send you this specific material I have, will you use it to make me a thing?

I would really rather not. For one thing, unless you have specifics about how much of the thing you have, it can be difficult to determine whether there will be enough of it for the whole project. For another, I am allergic to animal fibers, particularly wool. Because of this I prefer to purchase materials myself, so I can know for sure exactly what is in them and how much I will get.


Q: What materials do you use, then?

For artwork, pens, inks, and watercolors. For crocheted toys, acrylic yarns, which both fit in the budget and are easy to clean. For yarn wearables, soft acrylics like Caron Simply Soft and Bernat Satin — I like to make things that can be cared for easily. My digital artwork is done in an old copy of Photoshop CS3.


Q: How do you choose what colors to use?

By sitting in front of my drawers full of yarn or bins full of fabric and holding one thing up to another thing until I find something I like. Sometimes I make piles. It’s all very scientific.


Q: What is your favorite thing to make?

That would have to be the dragons. Although I make them from the exact same pattern in the exact same way every time, each one has a different personality. There is also one single moment in each dragon where it stops looking like a pile of yarn and starts looking like a dragon, and I always get excited during that moment — it never gets old.


Q: May I post pictures of your work online?

By all means! I love seeing my work in its new home and I am absolutely okay with my work being reposted to your own site. I only ask that you credit me by linking back to one of my sites — here or Etsy or wherever. This is not only a matter common courtesy, it also helps my business. Anyone who sees my work on your website is a potential customer, so please help them to find me!